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Do you know where your trash goes after you’ve thrown it away? Hosts Kiratiana Freelon and Minda Smiley are here to introduce you to the side of our stuff that you don’t see once it hits the garbage can.


Website Managers: Natalie Fertig and Daniel R. Lewis

Newscast Executive Producers: Bianca Flowers and Pearl Macek

Newscast Anchors: Kiratiana Freelon and Minda Smiley

Reporters: Alexis Barnes, Malorie Marshall, Graham Corrigan, Scott Klocksin, Maddy Perkins, Sarah Barrett, Leila Falls, Natalie Fertig, Bianca Flowers, Kiratiana Freelon, Daniel R. Lewis, Pearl Macek, and Minda Smiley.

Supervising Professors: Rebecca Leung and Marquita Pool

Talking Trash is a product of the Spring 2014 Craft II: Broadcast class at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.